Sunday, July 11, 2010

Multitasking is Taxing

Hey don’t think I lack sophistication just because I am a lowly knotheaded blogger. No, I can ‘demi my doggy tasse’ with the best of breeds if forced to. You may find it particularly revealing that I am probably the last dinosaur in America who owns his own tuxedo that isn’t a lounge singer or Mafia Maitre D’.

Yes, I am a chameleon by nature and over the years it has served me well – at least most of the time. The truth is, that trying to fit a fat square peg into a myriad of skinny round holes all of the time can be taxing. Obviously people like myself are not specialists at ANYTHING and to even keep up with ordinary life requires a lot of perceived multitasking, and for me - whining.

The reality however is that the whole concept of doing more than one thing at a time WELL, is not very realistic. Yes you can answer the phone, watch TV, blog, do a load of laundry, make dinner, read etc. etc., but whether you know it or not, all that stuff takes you a lot more time while attempting to multitask. Your brain is wired to operate serially so every time you pause from one task to start another, no matter how fast you have trained to try, you actually are suffering inefficiencies in thought. The result is slower completion of tasks, inattention, loss of focus, and not unlike a caveman, a ‘harried’ life.

So avoid the stress and experiment for yourself by cutting down on a few of those juggling balls that you’ve got in the air. Nobody will think you have lost your ‘edge’ just because you cannot sing opera and chew gum at the same time. You can still be a sophisticated high-society ‘deb’ and a closet blogger; you just cannot do it all at the same time. I know, I’ve ruined your long established beliefs and clearly I must be possessed by the devil? So for you 'single-tasker' athiests, I have linked a great article from the Harvard Business Review which lends a little fuel to my fiery thoughts. Gee I never noticed those horny bumps on my head before – maybe that’s why I’m a knothead?


  1. I like juggling: answering e-mail, checking blog comments, checking for rain as laundry is on the line, looking for a new house... All is good!

  2. Hahahahaha. Good one WC. But they're all good. :)

    Love the new header by the way. Nice photo, too. Shoulda worn your tux for it!

  3. I don't know if I totally agree. I seem to get more done in the mist of chaos with a million things to do. I tend to get lazy if I have lots of time with less to do.

    Multitasking works for me especially if things are crazy and hectic, It's my moment of greatness, It's where I shine!

  4. As evidenced by my photo, the only time I 'shine' is when the sun hits my fat head! I TOO WANT TO MULTITASK. I try, I swear I do - but if I leave the television on and try to write, a 400 - 500 word posting which should take an hour will take THREE!!! At about 30,000 words per month, that turns a blog into a JOB real quick unless I concentrate. Anyway, great comments. Now I want to go find a TUX picture for Lisa ... or was that TUCKS pads for me? Cheers! W.C.C.

  5. I once knew a girl who could not chew bubblegum and walk at the same time. (Ok, she could, but she would hit both sides of a doorway walking through when she did, and it wasn't because she was fat.)