Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UN-intelligent Design

Today in Missouri we really had perfect weather. Now perfect can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I really mean PERFECT no matter what weather language you speak. You know those days – low humidity, blue sky and the sun’s shining a comfortable 80 degrees with a few puffy cotton balls floating around posing as clouds.

Why can’t everyday be like that? I really enjoy the rain and on a rare occasion even a snowflake or two, but mostly I love those gorgeous sunny days. The truth is that when I lived in California, I took them for granted. Yeah they were admittedly more hazy than a real PERFECT day, but they still were pretty close. If you have great weather all the time, you forget what it is that you love about it and after awhile you almost grow to dislike it because it never varies.

Since thunderstorms are rare in Southern California, I really loved it when I came to the Midwest and they form weekly if not daily sometimes. Now that I see thunderstorms so often, I just take them for granted too. Slowly, if I live here long enough, I am sure I will start to complain about all the inconvenience of thunder and lightning too. I’m smart right? Why don’t I design and organize the weather?

I need to live in a place that on Mondays , Fridays, and Saturday’s it is perfectly sunny and not too hot or humid. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays – those days are reserved for rain and thunder events. Sundays, well as long as it all melted by Monday morning, and I did not have to shovel it, drive in it, or eat it, then, I think we could fit snow in there every other week or so alternating with fog for atmosphere. Hail – NO! except to call cabs, do something to a chief, or protest loudly like the hill folk do when they are expected to use indoor plumbing. We would completely skip wind because except for sailors and blowhards – who needs offshore stuff anyway? Uh Oh, I think I just worked myself out of a blog job … now that’s what I call PERFECT!

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