Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The antiquated Library

I love books. However, the truth is that I do not read as much or as many anymore these days. I have the time mind you, it’s just that I choose to do other things instead of finishing my books. Yes I have two half-read books in process now and a couple of more in que.

Beyond my failure to stay educated, I have to laugh though at the immense racks of books that I store in my house. I have not read all of these books nor do I really know where they all have come from. Yes, I still have a few cutting-edge text books from college from a quarter of a century ago. I’m sure those will come in handy as a reference if I had a time machine.

What will I do if I have to move? Who can lift a tiny box with more than 4 books in it. Forget the idea of a normal size crate of books because it will take a crane to hoist the thing onto a flatbed. I will have to get a moving truck JUST for the plain cardboard boxes required to pack up my bounty of books. I really should clear the decks here and find some ‘lighter’ reading - maybe something like STAMPS or Alphabits cereal.

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to get rid of books. I guess they just are part of a special class as compared to magazines or even computer software. Just like the women in my life, to get the most out of them, books should be treated with reverence, care, enduring compassion. Then once you are done with them, you need to sit them down and lock them up in some dusty library – just in case you ever need them again!

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  1. I don't love books, but I have the same problem. I can't imagine how bad it would be if I loved books. Look at the bright side, there are a lot of worse things that you could have too much of.