Thursday, June 24, 2010

My towels are Marooned

We have stacks of towels in our house but none of them seem to match. Don’t normal people usually have matching ‘sets’ of linens in their bathrooms? I am almost positive that we have always bought the standard body towel, face towel, and washcloth combo … but where are they?

Do you think the towels have some kind of ‘cotton’ club or union membership that includes the unmatched socks that I stack over the dryer? I am not sure why these various sewn things are so hostile towards my lifestyle. I give them a nice comfortable place to hang around all day and they repay me by running off and getting lost.

I know my wife notices this too and has recently tried to combat the problem by buying all SOLID maroon towels. The idea is of course is, if you are missing something from an older set of towels, you simply fill in the spot with the new stuff. That would be great but who knew there are at least five different shades of MAROON that towels come in. My daughter who is admittedly OCD about such things, will notice immediately if the towels are shaded, feel, or even if they hang slightly differently from each other.

So sadly the real solution is to take all these dumb towels and haul them out to the garage and simply start over. Yeah, every garage bay can use an ‘island-sized’ crate full of soft cotton towels to dry off the car, or knock down spider webs from the garage door. That is at least one area of the house where it is more than OK to have a beautifully matched set of ‘UNMATCHED’ rags and nobody cares if they are marooned!


  1. That's why we have a couple sets of designated "guest" towels which go in the bath when company comes and/or stays. :-)

  2. My towels were marooned long ago. I gave up trying to keep matched sets. I don't know what happens to them, either.....I think they spontaneously combust. That's my story.

  3. Just avoid those extra-expensive, thick plush
    towels. Not only do they get fuzz in your mouth when you dry your face, they don't fit in your ears! And if you DO jam them in an ear you run the risk of them not coming back out!