Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Sweat It!

So it is summer now and honestly nobody is safe from the evils of perspiration. Since I am basically anti-social by nature, it really is not a problem for me. I figure if you like me and aren't a Mastadon, you had better like my 'Pits' too! But oddly other people, including my daughter, don’t embrace their sweaty side with as much gusto as I.

Awhile back I mentioned that my kid loves this ‘Adidas 3’ sport stench-stick that apparently is not made anymore. She not only thinks this stuff is the BALM but she thinks it’s the FUSE as well. I’m sure my daughter has begun to finally accept the sad fact that she must face life without this stuff, and needs to find a replacement and QUICK.

So we ventured back to Walgreens to essentially window shop for deodorant – OOOH What Fun! Now if you have not had the pleasure of going up and down a WHOLE aisle in a drugstore sniffing EVERY STINK STICK in the store, you clearly have never shopped with my kid. She does not discriminate. The kid just grabs Men’s, Women’s, Dog - any deodorant , you name it, and then she sucks in a big whiff. Everything is too manly, too powdery, too sticky, silky, skinny, spicy, spongy – well you get it, the seven “TOO” dwarfs of dumb deodorant.

When we leave, we are both frustrated – this whole ‘out of production deodorant business’ STINKS! So at home, the kid starts to search Ebay and low and behold, she finds a couple of sticks of her favorite ‘Deod’ for a price that smells right. Now clearly that does not solve our long term ‘sweatroversy’, but at least for now it may buy me some time. You see, I just want the kid to smell good while she’s wandering our halls over the summer. When we ship her back off to the RANK and file in her college dorm, no matter how she smells, I’m not going to SWEAT it!

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