Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unlike babies, M&M’s don't need changing

One of my favorite candy treats for ‘ME’ time is a little yellow pack of peanut M&M’s. Few candies can match the triple threat of a peanut center surrounded by chocolate bliss , then followed up by a colorful hard candy shell. They are so compact, and pleasing to hold, throw, stick in orifices (preferably anybody’s other than your own) and of course to even EAT!

As a bonus when you consume these gems, your breath is left with that fragrant choco-nut stink too. Even though you attempt to grind up every flavorful ‘m’, your mouth is invariably populated with a rainbow of tiny un-digestible fragmented candy coated bits. Next to those really orange powder-coated ‘Cheeto fingers’, ‘M&M’s mouth’ is probably not a great characteristic to be proud of in a job interview.

But recently I have noticed that there are dark forces afoot at Mars Candy Company with my favorite chocolate nut balls. It seems the familiar yellow packages are being pushed aside for bags featuring only ONE candy coating color. I also bought a bag recently with a DARK semi-sweet chocolate coating rather than the traditional milk chocolate.

Why are these people messing with a perfectly good candy? If I just want a nut, covered in ONE color of chocolate I will buy a box of GOOBERS at the theater. I actually like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate for most things but not for my M&M’s. Let’s hope whoever is in charge will come to their senses and stop experimenting with my candy. Call me a baby if you want but I know these choco-changers are not done yet though. Why just today I bought another yellow bag and guess what – every color-coated candy shell had a little ‘W’ painted on it!


  1. I'm sorry....I couldn't get past "choco-nut stink" and I was laughing too hard to read the rest!!!

  2. I guess "product improvers" have learned nothing
    from the big failure of "New Coke."
    But an M & M has ALWAYS had a little "W" on it -- depending on how you look at it.