Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sun Toasted Robot

As a robot fiend myself, I am always on the lookout for that next hunk of technology that is plotting to invade my life in one way or another. Oh you may think your cool, immune and un-geekified still. But the truth is that cell phone on your belt, laptop on your desk, and GPS in your car give you away.

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for a breakfast robot. My wife does not like bacon at all so right away, a REAL breakfast is out of the question. She can make a pretty good pancake but in truth all she prefers is a bowl of cereal and some fruit to start the day. I know technology is not perfect but all I want is my breakfast bot to milk a chicken, serve me my pancakes sunny side up, and put a dab of jelly on my bacon!

It may be awhile before I get my wish. It seems most robot designers got stuck on the idea that robots are supposed to help in emergency situations not just be there for my convenience. Who decided this? I do not remember one of Asimov’s robot rules saying that robots are just for ‘do-gooders’. I love real robots that do real jobs like that vacuum robot. I know it barely can sweep up more than a few errant cookie crumbs and the dead flies along the baseboards of my tile floors, but hey - it’s a start!

Today in my technology search, I came across yet another SERVICE robot. This one does the work of lifeguards and is essentially a giant bulbous remote controlled raft named ‘Emily’ . If I was drowning I’m not sure I would want to see a fat inanimate ‘plus sized’ lifeguard ready to run me down in the name of safety? Anyway, you can judge for yourself by linking HERE. I guess I understand the need for technology to concentrate on saving lives over making my breakfast. But can we compromise here a bit and get an upgrade on this Emily the lifeguard boxy-bot? I was thinking maybe something a little more sleek, along the lines of let’s say a ‘BAYWATCH BOT’!

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